“Wrist banging” – what is it?

Wrist banging is a very underestimated form of self injury, it’s not as common as forms like cutting,  burning etc,  it involves banging a persons wrist repeatedly against something, (more often that not, a wall) it is very painful and causes tender bruises around the wrist which cause pain whenever the wrist is moved or used. It can cause long term effects such as nerve damage.
It is used by people because a bruise is very easy to lie about, it’s less obvious than a cut and causes pain for longer.


2 thoughts on ““Wrist banging” – what is it?

  1. I don’t think it seems like you are trying to promote the act! I read this page just to find more information on the condition.. not to find ideas! I appreciate your insight; don’t let other people make you feel bad about your own blog!

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